Help with Mental Health


This is a very challenging time for everyone and food isn't always all that you need to keep well

There are many organisations that are able to help - here are two


Safe Haven - Herefordshire


· Evening support for people in acute distress, mental health crisis and/or experiencing  suicidal thoughts. 

· The Safe Haven Team will provide empathy, support and safety to anyone experiencing high emotional distress and/or suicidal thoughts. They will offer a respectful listening ear and an exploration of coping strategies. As well as offering support, they will be able to refer and direct you to further services if you need them.   

· We can help: - Improve your well-being - Support in a crisis - Support your recovery -  Signposting to long-term support 

· Due to Covid 19 we are not currently offering a 1 to 1 Service at Herefordshire mind, Heffernen House, but we are offering a telephone and e mail service.   

Tel no: 07776706843 Email:  

If you wish the support of Safe Haven you can phone or e mail us on the above.  

· We are open Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. If it is a crisis service rather than long term support, but we can however refer to other services for long term support or when the crisis has passed.  

·  Referral can also be made by professionals/agencies.


Or you might prefer to find your own way.....


.....perhaps you might like to spend time colouring in mindful postcards, designed by Johanna Basford. There are free downloads on her website, which are easy to print off and share. This colouring can be a family activity and fun to share, easing the anxiety in the household at the same time.